Rosedale Playschool offers an unique and fun learning environment for your children.

2023/24 Registration is now OPEN!

We are a play-based school for young children, that explores a number of learning topics throughout the year in a Reggio framework.

Our Playschool Philosophy

Rosedale Playschool is a play-based, Reggio-inspired program. We’ve been encouraging young minds through play for over 30 years!

The aim of a play-based school is to provide a variety of specially curated, interesting learning centers. Basically, children learn by doing.

Hands-on activities that have been chosen by the child can help make sense of the world and develop social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative skills.


Class Options for Prospective Students

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3 Year Old Class

This class is designed to introduce children to the routines of school.

Days of the Week: Tues, Thurs

Times: 8:45-11:45 AM

4 Year Old Class

This class is designed to build on foundations laid in the 3-year-old program.

Days of the Week: Mon, Wed, Fri

Times: 8:45-11:45 AM

4-5 Year Old Class

This class is designed to accommodate the needs of both age groups.

Days of the Week: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Times: 1:00-4:00 PM

What Families Have to Say

“I love the small class sizes and that my young child still has time to be. [The] teachers are down to earth. They follow all the ‘rules’ but are not your typical ‘uptight’ stressed out teachers. This makes a major difference in the vibe of the playschool – something which benefits the children tremendously. The classroom is always stunning and the teachers work hard to provide fresh learning opportunities weekly. Their approach enables the kids to learn structure appropriate for their age group yet allows them to explore their own creativity and interests at the same time. My two kids have completely different interests, yet both blossomed at Rosedale in their respective areas.”

“Rosedale Playschool has been an exceptional environment to support development for our son. The opportunity for significant outdoor time during the day has allowed for the children to bring a unique perspective to learning and round out concepts through different approaches. Taking the classroom outdoors and allowing for movement throughout the day has also enabled my neurodiverse child to be more present and engaged than our former preschool. The school’s partnership with the local community but also Foothills Creative Beginnings allows students to access additional programming that accelerates and augments children’s learning and development in an inclusive way. The caring and loving nature of the teachers has continued to be a shining light for students and families through the bond created over the year.”
– JM, 2022

Contact Us

Rosedale Playschool

Located in Lower Hall of Wild Rose United Church


1317-1st St NW Calgary, Alberta