Daily Schedule

Our program has a flexible time schedule and a framework that offers plenty of freedom of choice and time to move from one activity to another.  We generally split the day between our indoor and our outdoor classroom.  In our indoor classroom, the children can choose from a variety of play centers offering quiet and busy activities.   Our outdoor classroom allows children to explore the depths of their imagination with a variety of both natural and specifically curated materials.  

This is the children’s opportunity to play with other children, to manipulate objects and materials, to discover what makes things work, to make mistakes, and to imagine and create.  The time span for each activity and the order of activity is up to each child.  We conclude the day with a short circle time where we sing songs, read stories, and share. Below is a general outline of our daily routine and transitions:

Daily Schedule and Routines

Please Note: These times are all approximate

8:45 AM

  • Arrival/parent drop off in the outdoor classroom.
  • Once all of the children have arrived we will begin our day with a meeting. During the meeting we will read stories, sing songs, have discussion and talk about projects. 

9:00-10:30 AM

  • Outdoor play is an integral part of our program so we do our best to play outside for as long as we can, and we may even be outside the whole day! We have three toy bins outside, one filled with shovels, buckets and outdoor kitchen supplies; one filled with outdoor building blocks; and the last we call out imagination bin, filled with loose parts for the children to use creatively. We will engage the children in games and activities and occasionally go for nature walks in the neighbourhood.

10:30-11:25 AM

  • Children will come inside from outdoor play, remove their outdoor gear, wash their hands, and have their snack.
  • Free play in classroom. There is an art center, science center, manipulative table, puzzle and games area, play-dough table, block center, dramatic play center, puppet theatre, book corner (quiet carpet), and snack center. Children are free to play at any of these centers during the entire 40-50-minute period. Children bring their own snack from home.

11:25 AM

  • Cleanup bell and clean up song. Once all of the toys and been cleaned up, we will have a final meeting and we as ask our lucky duck what the “best part of their day was” and say a big “thank you” to the parent volunteer. Finally, we end our day with our Good-bye song.

11:45 AM

  • Dismissal/parent pick-up