Communication Info

Parent Communications at Rosedale Playschool

Most communications to parents are via email and our learning journal platform StoryPark. 

We are moving towards having all of our party food sign-ups, lucky duck day calendars, volunteer allocation, and all other sign-ups online.

We also have Facebook and Instagram accounts to increase parent engagement and make announcements to the wider public.


StoryPark is a secure online communication tool where the teachers provide updates and photos of the class to document what they are learning. This system helps the teachers catalogue the activities of every child in the school. It is used primarily by forest schools. The photos and information are only shared within the class of the student and their parents or caregivers.

Some families have their grandparents and Nannies on the system, as they are the primary person taking the child to and from school. The teachers will send an invite to the parents, and then parents can add other important family members to their child’s profile.

The StoryPark Website is geared towards project-based learning and planning.  At our school, we use it as a tool for teachers to connect their children’s learning with their families.

Due to the nature of the service, StoryPark does collect personally identifiable information, like your child’s name, and photos, videos or voice recordings made by your child. StoryPark has a robust privacy policy and has committed to never share your child’s personal information or journal content.