Our Fundraising Initiatives

Since we are a community run and non-profit playschool, we rely on fundraising to support enhancing our programs and your children’s experience. The funds raised all go back directly in the classroom to support activities, new development tools and supplies.

We hold a few fundraising events each year, given the unique situation with Covid-19 we have adjusted our fundraising to be as minimal as possible. 

Our events for the Year will include:

Pinecone Stash-A-Thon & Hop-a-thon

Every year the children will take part in a fundraising event where they ask friends and family to pledge them in the number of hops they can do in a minute.  This event takes place in the classroom during class time and is great fun for the kids.

Outdoor Family Photos

We are offer an opportunity for families to have their photos taken together with a professional photographer. This event will follow all AHS guidelines, and will be held outside and in a socially distance setting. A great way to have some family photos to remember this time, and also share with family and friends over the holiday season. Family photos take place early in the school year.

Lovable Labels

Tired of looking for misplaced shoes and clothing? Shocked by the  size of the lost and found pile at school and daycare? Buying labels is an investment that will help ensure that your children’s belongings, old and new, don’t get lost or confused with someone else’s.

Lovable Labels are also great for labeling your children’s sports equipment, toys, dance outfits….and much much more!

If your children can lose it, you can label it!

Lovable Labels provides parents with an easy way to buy quality personalized labels for your children’s belongings….and the best part is you will be supporting their playschool too!

We will receive 20% of all orders placed through our fundraising website!

If you have other ideas or would like to organize a fundraiser for the Playschool, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out through our contact page.